Vapor Blasting – An alternative to chemical removal of lead-based paint

When lead-based paint on the Tippecanoe County Courthouse’s clock tower and dome was unresponsive to chemical methods, Star Environmental turned to vapor blasting to preserve the cast iron clock tower and tin clad dome.

Wet (or vapor) blasting is similar to dry blasting, except that the media is moistened before making contact with the surface. There are several advantages to wet blasting, including:

  • Mitigating exposure to dust
  • Eliminating embedded material
  • Maintaining the base material’s profile for repainting
  • Functioning on a variety of substrates
  • Economizing media usage

The latest vapor blasting technology uses even less water than before, thus significantly reducing the size of leftover slurry puddles and clean-up time required.  Common abrasives include:

  • garnet
  • crushed glass
  • coal slag
  • plastic
  • steel shot
  • walnut shells
  • baking soda

The process can be used for a broad range of treatments including, but not limited to:

  • Surface preparation
  • Rust removal
  • Providing a matte cosmetic surface finish on consumer products
  • Engravings for monuments and buildings

Star Environmental is one of the only companies in Indiana offering the most up-to-date vapor blasting equipment and the personnel to handle any vapor blasting need.   Visit our website or contact us today.