Asbestos Abatement Services and more

Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Abatement

Star’s primary service is asbestos abatement. This includes removal, repair, encapsulation, selective demolition, and re-insulation project experience.

Lead Abatement
Lead Abatement

Our staff includes an IDEM-licensed Lead Inspector and Supervisors. We are an EPA Lead-Safe Repair, Renovation, and Paint (RRP) certified firm.

Mold Remediation
Mold Remediation

Despite no Federal standards for mold, Star treats mold remediation much like asbestos or lead abatement. Your health and safety are important to us.

Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

Star has experience with dust from environmental or industrial processes, chemical spills, drug allergens, bloodborne pathogens and much more.


Star leverages its core competency in asbestos, lead paint, and mold abatement to provide a single contractor solution.

Who we are, in 90 seconds.

What Services do you Provide?

We provide abestos abatement services including removal, repair, encapsulation and re-insulation. We also provide lead abatement, mold remediation, industrial cleaning, and demolition.

What is your experience?

We have been serving Indiana customers including Fortune 500, government, education and home owners for 30 years.

Where could there be asbestos in my home/building?

Asbestos has been used in over 3000 products ranging from pipe insulation to brake pads. Our Asbestos Abatement page provides more examples. It can be found in all types of properties. In 1986 the EPA began phasing-out asbestos products and in 1989 banned asbestos in new products.

Where do you perform abatement services?

We primarily serve Indiana customers.

What types of properties do you serve?

We serve all types of customers including commercial, residential, industrial, government, and education.

Where could lead be hiding in my property?

Lead is most commonly found in paint. It can also be found in water, soil, dust, older toys, lead-glazed pottery and more. The Federal government banned lead paint in consumer products in 1978.

What mold remediation services do you provide?

Although there are no federal and state exposure limits for mold, we treat mold projects with the same care as we do asbestos or lead abatement projects. Identifying the source of moisture leading to mold is the key. Once the source has been addressed, we use anti-microbial detergents to clean surfaces and typically apply a fungicidal protective coating to seal the treated area. We are an EPA Lead Safe Certified firm.

Do I need asbestos abatement services?

Federal, State, and local regulations apply to asbestos abatement. Additional rules apply for schools and residential structures. Our staff includes Indiana licensed asbestos inspectors and supervisors to meet all regulatory requirements. With an OSHA 500 certified director, our safety program insures that your project will be done as safety as possible.

Do you provide demolition services?

We provide competitive demolition services. For projects with potential environmental hazards, we can be a sole-source vendor.