Believe it or not, asbestos has been used for nearly 5,000 years. Its fibers have been used for mixing with clay-for strengthening ceramics. Its fire resistance was once heralded as ‘magic’ and it had been used as the preferred method for insulation throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries. Of all, perhaps a couple of the most surprising examples were the use of asbestos in filters of cigarettes during the 50s and, believe it or not, asbestos was found in a toothpaste boasting its abrasive quality. See more interesting history on asbestos in this article posted on RoSPA Workplace Safety’s Blog: Profile of a Killer: 6 surprising facts about asbestos 

So, after centuries of asbestos use, and now that the dangers of this naturally occurring material are much more evident, it is now up to us to address its presence in older structures. However, this isn’t a weekend job for the homeowner. It’s not a task that your organization’s maintenance crew should tackle, and it definitely isn’t a job for any company who claims to offer this as a service without the proper, documented training and certifications including OSHA-30.

Asbestos-related disease can be costly
Even today, as you read this blog entry, the cost of asbestos-related cancers for treatment, administration expenses, patients’ out-of-pocket costs, caregiving, workers’ comp and several other consequences continue to put dents in economies. In fact, cases continue to surface related to workplace exposure. Read this current article about Canada’s annual $2 Billion plight here. 

Star Environmental maintains safety as a foundation. Our field staff receives the training and certifications necessary to sustain our good standing as a premier asbestos abatement contractor. In fact, we are proud of our trained and certified staff. To see a full list of what you can expect when you hire Star Environmental, visit our website at or contact us to learn more.